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“Live by harmless untruths that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy.”
- Cat’s Cradle

As an intergalactic Carnival Cruise ship passed by your planet, a small object was unceremoniously ejected from the cargo bay. Unable to pay off a gambling debt “the Bonini” was dropped off on this berg. Coming from a race of prolific pranksters, Io appreciated their sense of humor. However ironic it may have been. Stranded on what would be considered “the lower East side” of the Galaxy, Io quickly adapted to the situation by reading some of your societies most profound texts, such as "SlowDeath," "Heavy Metal," "Dante’s Inferno," "Thurber," "H.L. Mencken," and "Calvin and Hobbes." Utilizing the information at hand Io integrated into this world by creating thoughtful environments, visual enhancements, and many colorful works of art. Country, City, Carnival and Canvas are all of interest to the Bonini. Io has found that politics are perplexing, beauty is everywhere, and the only possible way to survive this planet is with a sense of humor. Currently Io is………. creating.

And waiting to be picked up at any time by some intergalactic "wise guys."